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Family-Related Immigration


Texas Family Immigration Attorneys

At the Law Offices of Richard A. Gump, Jr., we have obtained permanent residence (green cards) for spouses, parents, children, siblings and fiancés of existing U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Our legal team understands the complexity of the U.S. immigration system and strives to make the immigrant visa process as easy as possible. We are dedicated to keeping families together through the immigration process.

If you need assistance with family immigration matters, contact our law firm to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to guide you through the immigration process.

Dallas Family Immigration Concerns

Petitioning for a family member to obtain permanent resident status can be a lengthy process. Several factors must be considered such as the familial relationship between the person seeking entry and the sponsor, whether or not the sponsor is a U.S. citizen and how the new immigrant will financially support him or herself.

Types of family-based immigrant visas available include:

  • Immediate family members. Spouses, unmarried minor children and parents of U.S. citizens are all considered immediate family members and may be eligible for a family-based immigrant visa without regard to visa availability.
  • Non-immediate family members/preferences. Non-immediate family members must wait for a visa to become available. Each month the U.S. Department of State issues a visa bulletin which provides information regarding family based visa availability in the following categories:
    • Unmarried adult children of a U.S. citizen (1st preference);
    • Unmarried minor children of legal permanent residents (2nd preference or 2A);
    • Unmarried adult children of permanent residents (2nd preference or 2B);
    • Married children of a U.S. citizen (3rd preference); and,
    • Brothers or sisters of a U.S. citizen (4th preference).
  • Fiancés/fiancées: Fiancés and spouses (and their dependent, minor children) of U.S. citizens may obtain a K visa to enter the U.S.

Whether you need an immigration attorney to assist you with the preparation and submission of an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative or are engaged to a foreign national and need an attorney knowledgeable in fiancé visas, we can provide you with comprehensive legal representation. Contact the Law Offices of Richard A. Gump, Jr., to schedule an appointment to discuss your family immigration case.