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New Round of I-9 Audits Hits U.S. Businesses in July

July 25, 2018

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We have recently received reliable information that another round of audits is occurring throughout the United States. It is very important for companies to be prepared in the event you receive an NOI (Notice of Inspection) from ICE. Fines have been very high for both Form I-9 paperwork violations as well as knowing hire or continuing to employ violations.

Please do not turn over your I-9s until you have made copies of them. It is also important to contact an immigration attorney as soon as ICE delivers the NOI so that they can advise you throughout the process. The ICE agents will often tell you that you do not need an attorney; however, we have found throughout the years that employers make many costly mistakes without proper guidance from an attorney.

Just like preventative medicine, preventative audit practices can save you lots of money in the long run. If your company’s Form I-9s may not be in perfect condition, an internal audit may prevent a costly headache when ICE comes knocking.

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