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Dallas Green Card Lawyers

Dallas/Fort Worth Permanent Residence Attorneys

Obtaining a green card establishes permanent residence in the United States for foreign nationals, spouses or fiancé(e)s. At the Law Offices of Richard A. Gump, Jr. we provide comprehensive services in all aspects of immigration law. We assist nonimmigrant (temporary) employees, fiancé(e)s of current U.S. citizens and other foreign nationals with green card applications. From our Dallas-based law firm, we offer services to clients in Texas and nationwide.

Green Card Application and Compliance

Our lawyers offer in-depth counsel and representation for those seeking green cards following:

After a set amount of time, green card holders may also apply for full U.S. citizenship. Our lawyers can help you navigate the naturalization and citizenship process.

We advise clients on strategic planning and alternative options such as conditional green cards to meet their goals.

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Contact our firm today for experienced counsel and representation in all matters of immigration law. Our Dallas green card attorneys are well known for their diligence, experience and dedicated client service. We regularly receive referrals from former clients, major businesses and other attorneys for our services.